Four weeks in Edinburgh-scotland

On this blog I would like to take you on my four - week journey trough Edinburgh. I will visit the Global School of English, a language school, there and complete 25 lessons per week. I hope I will get to know a lot of new, interesting and funny things during my language stay and experience a lot I will never forget. Here you can read about my experiences, what I have seen in Scotland and what I have learnt.



The beauty of Edinburgh

In this Picture you could see the beautiful old town of Edinburgh.

My 4 weeks in Edinburgh

Hi there! Unfortunately, my four-week adventure in Edinburgh is already over. Today my family will arrive and we will spend another five days here before we take the train to London. On the one hand I am extreamly sad that time has gone so fast, on the other hand, I have really missed my Family and I am glad to see them again today.


My stay here was full of unforgettable experiences and especially full of unforgettable people. It was so hard to say goodbye to my new freinds from all over the world. I did not expected to find such good friends in just four weeks. Thank you so much Evi, Sophia, Igor, Sarah and Andrea to spend time with me and experience so much. I hope we will meet again some day.


Also School was great fun. I have never before loved school as much as here. I lerant so much in such a short time. The teachers are super motivated and bring the learning material over so well. I really enjoyed going to school. I think my English has also improved and what was the most important to me, I dare to speak now and I am not afraid anymore to make mistakes while speaking. 


The city was also the right choice for me. I like Edinburgh so much with is historical buildings and the special atmosphere. I saw so many different places and experienced a lot in four weeks. What I liked the most is hard to say. I really enjoyed the trip to the highlands but also the museums, beaches, ghost tours and basically everything. Spending time with my Friends and learning things about the scottish culture are definitely my highlights. I am sure I will never forget this time in this beautiful city.